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We are a dynamic consultancy, established in 2004, that is focused on assisting organisations and individuals to turn their goals into reality even quicker and more impressively than they ever imagined possible. Our speciality is in the field of environmental sustainability through providing clients with tools and techniques to communicate their message effectively to internal and external stakeholders.

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Our team has experience working with and within the Government, Private and NGO sectors.  We operate across the globe from our bases in Hong Kong and New Zealand (Contact page).

Our team members are:

Dr Merrin Pearse

Dr Merrin Pearse

Dr Merrin Pearse – a Project Manager whose leadership style allows projects to be realised through unleashing the full potential of staff and suppliers. His open communication engages colleagues and stakeholders across different cultural backgrounds, experiences and ages enabling company objectives to be met, on time and, crucially, within budget. He provides a practical approach to achieving long term goals and vision, enhanced by his formal training as a land surveyor. Merrin is an excellent online media communicator and actively uses social media tools.

He has a wide range of international experience working for Government Departments, SMEs, international companies and NGO’s in quality assurance, auditing, sustainability, benchmarking and community engagement roles.

Specific projects Merrin has been involved in include the, quality assurance of United Nations border missions, auditing of engineering projects, and training and facilitation in the use of new technology and processes.

Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor is skilled at organising and managing workflows and resources. She is detail focused and can effectively create and manage systems and processes. In recent years, her responsibilities have ranged from management of a team of designers and cartographers in the production of atlas’s and custom map projects, to providing administrative support to NGO’s, small businesses and individuals in their home offices.

Having looked at our services and products you can connect with us via a number of options listed on our Contact page.

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