Nurdles – Plastic Pellets on Hong Kong Beaches

9 08 2012

Since the spill was first discovered we have been helping to connect people and disseminate information so that the mess can be cleaned up quickly.

For those of you who have not heard, following the Typhoon on 24 July Nurdles (Raw Plastic in small pellet form) have been found washing up on Hong Kong beaches from 6 shipping containers lost over board.  The first reports came from Discovery Bay where the below photo was taken by Gary Stokes


A summary of the unfolding events around this can be found via with the first article being

For the latest information for All of Hong Kong, head to the Facebook page called Plastic Disaster Hong Kong

As residents of South Lantau we are helping to coordinate the cleanup efforts.  We will be working with Living Islands Movement to do this for South Lantau Beaches, so check out their Facebook page ( for the latest ways you can help and for reporting the condition of your local South Lantau Beach.